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Driver boost, driver detective , driver whizz or whatever else they want to call themselves .All the same company . My registration key for driver boost fits driver detective and driver whizz and none of these programmes work - according to driverboost i had 10 drivers out of date and driver whizz thinks I have 17 out of date .toshiba bulletin board wont work now so i cant update drivers as i used to - wish i had never set eyes on these programmes -my webcam stopped working - malwarebytes doesnt seem to find any issues now when it used to - roxio creator and nero both wouldnt open from the desktop and had issues - I think driverboost went through all my programmes and caused problems - I have uninstalled it and asked for a refund -THEY STATE 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARENTEE - I still havent had a refund DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THESE SO CALLED DRIVER UPDATE PROGRAMMES WITH A BARGE POLE they probably go by many other names too MAXPRO SOFTWARE is the name on the legal agreement

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Thanks for the info. I downloaded what I thought was a free program to update my drivers and then, suprise, it cost money to use it. So now I will not pay for it after reading comments on this site.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #682164

Thanks for posting and letting everyone know. I almost downloaded the free version! I won't make that mistake now.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #588962

Yeah same thing happen to me i ask for a refund and they don't answer me i pay 30$box for this *** and it doesn't work on my pc and i ask the same day for my refund and nobody answer me


I've been asking for a refund from Driver Boost since 2 days after purchase.Found it didn't meet my need to download even one missing driver.

Helped myself and then tried to get a refund......still waiting. Should have looked up this website first!!

It's called being 'wise in time.' If anything changes, ie.I get a refund, will report it here!


I've tried to delete Driverboost from my prgrammes using "Control Panel - add/remove" but get redirected to Driverboost which invites me to change all sort of things on my hard drive so I've left it alone and just don't use it. In fact I can't remember how I got it as I certainly haven't paid them anything. Can it be removed safely?


these programs are no good.except fora couple of things, one they can help you identify updates for drivers, but then you must go find the drivers yourself and download them.

It is also good for Identifying your hardware.but for actual downloading and installing of drivers it sucks.


I purchased DriverBoost to obtain drivers for a new DVD burner that I installed in a six months old computer. The Price was susposed to be $29.99 but when the transaction was completer it was $39.99.

When I tried the program, it did not have the driver for the burner, but it was able to destroy the bias in my computer and my 2T hard drive. I have lost two days trying to recover lost data and have been forced to revert to an older slower machine, for my business.

I join the others who have been riped off by this company. I will look into what remidies are availible.


The software works well, but the after sales support lets them down. The software identified some issues for me, but getting the team to respond to me has been frustrating to say the least - it is now 11 June, and I have been struggling to get them to respond to me since 14 May. I have already sent off three emails but no luck...

I wish I knew of another application that would really solve my problems, because DriverBoost has not done it for me.


money back guarantee, right! you pay, you lose. why won't regulators fine these deceptive liars?


DRIVER WHIZ RIP OFF!!!!Paid for Driver Whiz...needed help...they referred me to another phone number...and want TO CHARGE ME AGAIN!1-3 DRIVERS 49.99, 4 an up drivers 99.99!

What a rip off.

Driver Whiz is located in New York, so I am going to write & call the Attorney General and report them.STAY AWAY FROM DRIVER WHIZ!!!!

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