I paid for(Paypal instant)and DL'd this software because I was having terrible problems with a vid card driver,the ad said DWhiz could help.Let it do a scan for outdated drivers(2nd mistake)and it came back with some updates for me.Of course my vid card driver was not on the "Need to update"list even though I knew my installed driver was outdated.

My sound driver was listed so I thought I would try out "Driver Whiz" and let it remove and install the new driver that it provided.Needless to say, upon completion my sound did not work.Manually removed the "Driver Whiz" provided driver and re-installed old sound driver and voila,sound.

Contacted customer support and tried asking them if they could help with my ATI video card driver problems and all they did was continuously point me to an article on how to update my VIA chipset.What a bunch of freekin monkeys,pound on the keyboard,throw a little ***,ahhh.good day!The VIA chipset article wasn't even hosted by the "Driver Whiz" folks.

So went through a couple more trials and had the same effects(lan chip drivers,mobo chip drivers...) and "Driver Whiz" did everything in its power to break my system!Contacted PP and opened a dispute,respectfully asking the "Driver Whiz" folks for my money back, all with no response.It turns out that PP will not protect you if the purchase is for downloaded software, or for the lack of a product to perform as expected if it is a "virtual" product.

So I'm hosed by "Driver Whiz" and PayPal.But please be warned, "Driver Whiz" is a garbage product.All it did was cost me money and headache.

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It's all about the almighty $$$$$


My blue tooth problem still not solved. Sigh...


I was lucky not conned by this online monkeys. I was prompted to download driverwhiz when i could not bluethooth my file from the mobile.

At first i was told a very good discount that cost only $24 but after i click paypal for payment, amount soared to like $65. I knew something was not right and stop giving my access to paypal account. And i googled and found this site that forewarns me to sign up with them.

Thanks for the information here. Sigh...many would have conned into paying for this useless scam.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #918418

I ended up stupidly allowing them to clean my computer so of course that meant they took it over but first I paid by credit card. My credit card company automatically cancelled my card as they had so many complaints about the company.

I now have to get a new card and I can't get into my online banking so have to go to the bank about that, and my computer is worse now than it was before..Oh yes the charge was $50.

more than quoted. Thank goodness my credit card company was smarter than me.


Just another fly by night company, that is taking as much money from people as they can for a worthless product before getting shut down. Then it is off to their next scam.


I too downloaded Driver Whiz, paid via PP then recieved a message to phone and register. They then, instaed of updating my drivers, told me I had over 7000 threats and wanted £85.00 to clear them before my drivers could be updated.

I refused. When I went to my paypal account, not only had they taken the original £35.00, but had set up a reccuring payment indefinately.

Paypal cancelled that but it has cost me £35.00 for nothing.Beware of this scam. :(


Please do not down load this product, Big problems within a few minutes of down loading. Nothing appears to do any thing that it says it does.

Blue screen within minutes of down loading,3 weeks later and many emails,problem was not fixed and many requests for a refund have not produced any result. You need to be an expert in computers to do the requested fixes.

The first thing you learn is never work in your registery if you do not have any experience in this area,so by asking me to work in the reg.it is not acceptable This company needs to be investigated for unlawfully obtaining money. alicemansam

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #667140

I bought and paid.. received a key to activate the dey did not work

after i told two days later the payment had passed in my bank, that my key was passed du...

three days... no news..

demanded refund,,, hard to get ,, i still did not receive it

keep away from them

to diane #693402

Yep, they are of no good to me either. Learned my lesson.


Thank you for information.

I won't use Driver whiz.


I wasted 29.95 on this bullsh*t product... Ripping people off for money that is hard to come by is a testament to the sad state of affairs this world is in...

Where's apocalypse? Humans SUCK!!!


I found out the hard way about is "driver Whiz" I wanted to install drivers for my printer. This program installed Norton Anti-Virus on top of my Anti-virus already installed on my computer.

That one thing caused all kinds of problems. Problems that took Dell Tech support 2 and half hours to remove from my computer. I was lucky to find out early I wonder how many wasn't that lucky. Yes my computer is clear of this and I spent 29.95 for it but it was a cheap 29.95 because I learned a good lesson I'll never forget about "Driver Whiz".

Just hope someone can shut them down. :zzz


pffff good i checked up the forums first i was aboute to use it thanks you tryed it for me :x

shame it *** you your pc's but it helped me to prevent it thanks guys :cry


Thx for all you people out there who posted comments about the inappropriateness of Driver Whiz,i was just about to purchase said product then i read your forum,and decided against it,i agree with DriverWhiz BS who posted on May17,2011.They belong behind bars!!Again many thanks,keep the comments coming.


I wish I would have read this before purchasing this crappy useless program. PLEASE DO NOT BUY!


This product is a ripoff. It made my computer useless. I guess the easiest way to fix the problem now is with a sledehammer and to purchase a new computer.


Paid for and DL'd this rubbish. Scan showed 36 dl's required.

None were of use as I had already got more recent drivers on my machine! Fortunately no damage caused.

As for refund went to contact page tried to send e.mail but no message could be sent. GOOGLE,exercise some muscle here and boot them off!


Thanks for the heads up I was a click away from getting it... for me the hook was that it advertised that it was linked to Norton Security :upset


Thanks for the heads up I was a click away from getting it... for me the hook was that it advertised that it was linked to Norton Security


:( Driver Whiz is pure ***.It F__ked up my OS.I tore up my registration and receipt

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