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Driver wiz I just want to down load my driver > you can get the *** out of my way. Driver wiz must really be hard up to take peoples money!!!

Driver wiz comes up everytime I am down loading a free driver and takes over the download. So what happens you end up down loading driver wiz and it tells you the drivers you need according to driver wiz ha! ha! then they want money to get the drivers you have already located and decided to down load. This is a *** and a sham and a shame....

Ge the *** out of my way...

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I am tired of this hoax. And this is allowed by Microsoft.

Everytime I go to Microsoft the page send me to one of those very Expensive so called free programs. I need a driver to fix unwanted problems blamed on Microsoft but they don´t help just put me on hands of this cheaters like the so called Driver wiz


Nothing worked as advertised. Useless

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