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This seems to be a Norton Antivirus sanctioned program, because it keeps trying to install the Norton before it will run. Fortunately my Avira program keeps blocking it and I hope it won't do any damage as it has to others who've blogged here.

I did the free download because I was having such a time getting my Brother printer software to download and DriverWhiz was listed among the top 3 sites for expediting downloads. Now it will not remove/uninstall from my Control Panel no matter what I do. Now, reading these consumer comments, I wish I had done the research before downloading. But you just figure that a ripoff site with dangerous software wouldn't be allowed a top-listing by Google, Bing, or popular search engines.

I'm very disappointed that I have this thing stuck in my hard drive now, but glad I didn't pay for the software.

However, it looks like I'll have to pay to get rid of it.

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I have this same problem. I installed Driver Whiz to log into my army email with my military id.

Then it suddenly stopped working and every time I try to uninstall it tells me that I can't unless I uninstall from the installation package.

Which I don't have. So I'm stuck with it.

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