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I paid his $29.95 and thought I was getting a good driver update software. Boy was I WRONG!!!

What a piece of CR*P!!!!! My computer sits on the floor and I can't even get it to boot up. If you read these reviews, DON'T even think about trying this software!! I saw one good review and it was probably his only friend that wrote it and I bet they didn't even use the software.

DON'T TRY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be sorry!! I am. The guy has the business set up so it doesn't go through him in any way.

You can't get ahold of him and he doesn't respond. He's a *** artist and we've been taken.

He needs to be removed from the business world. Pissed Off by an A-Hole.

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This is not complaints, these are warnings. Just so other people don't do the same mistakes that some already done.


90% of all computer makes on this planet offer FREE driver updates. they even have written software that do it automaticly if you allow it.

Why would you throw yer money in the stree for something you can get for free?

Then you com ehre and complain about it? Dude grow the *** up and shut the *** up.

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